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TS Khloe Hart, California Sweetheart
TS Nicole and her Huge Caliber Cannon!
Sexy, big breasted Tgirl Azeneth.
Asian Tgirl Goddess Vitress Tamayo.
Shower Escapades.
Kyle Erickson – T-girl Artist Extraordinaire!
  Of all the interviews we've done here at Tranny Lives, Khloe’s has been our most anticipated one so far! We first contacted her just as her new site was being constructed, but had to wait for its completion. This is one instance where good things really do come to those who wait – Khloe and her new site are absolutely amazing!! She’s a very deserving AVN and Tranny Awards nominee and one of the sweetest people you can ever meet! She has the face of an angel and her fit, tanned and toned body is one that you are sure to fall quickly in love with. Be sure to check out her site and say “hello” to her on Twitter and Facebook! She is a real sweetheart!
  Just when we thought erotic stories couldn't get any hotter, our secret Tgirl friend has given us another edition of one of her amazing true-life stories. For our second installment, she takes us on a quick tour of her in the shower before diving into her private life to give us all a quick peak at the ritual she performs with her boyfriend on an almost daily basis. This story is real – written by an amazing transgendered woman who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Honestly, she is absolutely amazing and, as you will soon find out; her boyfriend is one very, very lucky guy! 
  Every so often we at Tranny Lives like to bring you interviews that are little different from the ones we normally do. Over the past few months we've been noticing the beautiful @EvaCassini on Twitter, and truth be told, we've developed a bit of a crush over her (and evidently, we’re not the only ones)!! While looking at her pics, we began to notice that she has a lot of really cool pin-up artwork pics that she frequently posts in her profile. In fact, they’re so good that we decided to do a little investigation and discovered that the artist is Kyle Erickson … a guy we already followed on Twitter and friended on Facebook!Kyle is an artist who hails from Virginia and is beginning to make a name for himself by creating artwork for some of the hottest T-girls on Twitter today. Besides Eva, he’s drawn for Claire Summers, Kelly Clare Nikki Tanikawa, and Jessica Eden, among many others. But as you will see, Kyle is anything but a one-dimensional artist and his knowledge and experience in the art world runs pretty deep. In addition to his artwork, Kyle is a really good guy and a fun person to get to know. We highly recommend following him on Twitter and checking out his blogs and Facebook page. 

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